The Ritual Stitch is the style child of Seamstress and Stitch Maven, Collette. “This has always been my comeback kid, I can’t stop stitchin’ and it just tickles me to death to know people are wearing what I have made and loving it, being goofballs, feeling empowered, feeling sexy… I like to evoke the full range of emotions in my wears, you know… dress to the mood.” The Ritual Stitch contains several lines specializing in RITUAL INTIMATES, featuring In-house botanical Dyed lace and organic textile lingerie; RITUAL WEAR, featuring Made to Measure clothing and accoutrements stitched from Organic and sustainable new textiles: and RITUAL KITSCH: Clothing made from circular sourced fabrics and Re-styled Garb from the past to present. All lines feature Hand Painted textiles, in house dye work and personal patterns and intellectual property of Ritual Stitch, copyright 2019.